Exploring the Science Behind PEMF – Understanding the Mechanisms of Action

Over the last few decades, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) has continued to gain recognition throughout the medical community. A growing body of research, clinical trials and patient outcomes have proven PEMF to be a safe, non-invasive practice with numerous medical benefits. 

But how exactly does it work?

In this post, we explore the science behind PEMF to illustrate how it helps the body’s healing systems and why it’s so effective for numerous clinical uses.

How do PEMF machines work?

Let’s start with the basics. 

The health of our body’s cells directly affects our well-being. When cells are damaged, dysfunctional or abnormal, they can cause a wide range of medical problems. It affects our immune systems, our energy levels and our ability to heal and recover from illness and injury. Dysfunctional cellular activity can cause inflammation, pain, headaches, anxiety, depression and diseases – the list goes on and on.

That’s where PEMF comes into play.

PEMF uses low-level energy to stimulate our body’s cells. This stimulation is so light, most people don’t feel a thing when using high-quality PEMF machines, such as the iMRS Prime or Omnium1. But it is very powerful in repairing and detoxifying our cells. The magnetic energy helps restore our cellular activity to optimal health, which effectively aids our bodies’ natural healing systems. 

In turn, this can produce a wide array of positive health outcomes, including pain relief, increased energy, better sleep, reduced inflammation, improved circulation, improved heart health, stronger bones and more.

So to recap: on the most basic level, PEMF promotes wellness by aiding the health of our cells.

But let’s explore this science a little deeper.

What is the science behind a PEMF mat?

When you lie down on a PEMF mat like the Omnium1, you barely feel anything. Most sessions last no more than 30 minutes, and the most common feeling that people experience is relaxation and a little bit of sleepiness (which is why many people use it right before going to bed to help achieve deep, rejuvenating sleep).

But while you may not feel anything, a lot is happening on a cellular level.

A 2019 study highlighted in Bioelectricity explained the science as follows:

  • PEMF regulates cell signaling mechanisms involved in the immune/inflammatory response pathways of different cell types. 
  • The low-level energy from a PEMF mat can modulate cell surface receptor activation/expression and downstream signal transduction pathways. As a result, this restores homeostatic cell functions, such as cell viability, cell proliferation, communication with neighboring cells, differentiation and “interaction with components of the extracellular matrix.”
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can activate multiple intracellular pathways, including numerous processes and biochemical mechanisms within the immune system and with tissue regenerative processes, including the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. 
  • The magnetic energy acts as physical stimuli affecting biological systems through the production of coherent or interfering fields that modify fundamental electromagnetic frequencies generated by living organisms. 
  • For example, successful regeneration of tissue requires a balanced immune cell response, with the accumulation of accurately polarized immune cells in an appropriate quantity. That is where PEMF can play an influential role in our wellness, inflammatory processes and regenerative abilities.

Experience the benefits with your own PEMF mat from iMRS 2000

One of the greatest benefits of PEMF is that you can experience the benefits from the comfort of your own home with a high-quality PEMF mat, like the iMRS Prime or Omnium1. Contact us at iMRS 2000 to learn more about your options, and our specialists will help you select the right PEMF machine for your needs.

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