The Results You Want from Magnetic Field Therapy 

You may have heard that walking barefoot in nature helps to recharge your body’s healing and energy systems, which is why grounding is so popular. With the right technology, you can achieve the same effect using natural pulsed electromagnetic fields. This is a unique form of medical healing therapy known as PEMF. 

However, the quality of the mat you use can make a big difference in how effective your therapy is. When done properly, PEMF Therapy is extremely powerful:

Eliminate Your Pain and Increase Energy with the #1 PEMF

The iMRS PEMF Prime is the Most Advanced PEMF Therapy System Today

The iMRS assists the body in healing itself of almost any medical condition by delivering essential nutrients to cells and recharging the cellular battery. While your body does the healing, the iMRS gives it the energy needed to recover, energize and heal.

  • PEMF devices improve your body’s circulation, detoxification, oxygenation, nutrient absorption and ATP production from the cellular level. This gives your cells what’s needed to remove toxins and waste products while producing energy.
  • iMRS PEMF therapy gives your body a healing boost while delivering all the cell’s needed nutrients to keep it functioning in a healthy, wholesome fashion.
  • This process also lowers pain, improves healing speed, improves sleep cycles and much more, with our PEMF devices including over 250 protocols to treat your ailments within your home.

Faster, More Efficient Results from Quality PEMF Mats

High-quality PEMF devices like the iMRS Prime isolate healthy PEMFs, rather than unhealthy PEMFs from electronics and power sources. This therapy helps to recharge your system and give your cells what they need to heal faster. Poor-quality PEMF mats, on the other hand, do not properly isolate the magnetic fields, making them ineffective, especially in the long term.


Why the Quality of Your PEMF Mat Matters for Your Health

Even if you’re familiar with PEMF therapy and how these devices work, have you considered how well the PEMF mat will transfer these benefits from your device to your body?

PEMF mats can vary greatly in quality, from the mat material to the type of coils used to transfer the PEMFs to your body. Getting a high-quality mat with your device, from a business with a reputation for excellence, education and quality, makes a big difference in the results you get from your therapy.

Let’s take a look at why the iMRS Prime PEMF mat is among the best in the industry.

Discover the Most Advanced PEMF Mat Available

At iMRS 2000, we use the Exagon Series of PEMF mat, also referred to as an applicator. As the newest and most advanced generation of PEMF mats available on the market, it serves as the conductor of exposed signals to your body. This makes it one of the most important components in the system. With our high-quality PEMF mat, you’ll discover:





The Advantages of iMRS Prime PEMF Mats Over the Competition

The iMRS Prime Exagon Series PEMF applicator unifies all of the properties you’ll need from PEMF in a single, elegant solution. It provides you with a wide range of special features, including:

Our PEMF machine is designed to deliver years of reliable service, even when used for multiple daily applications of PEMF therapy.

No worries about allergies or potential issues down the road, as the materials used are completely compatible with the human body.

You don’t want to purchase a PEMF product that makes you sweaty, gets contaminated or is hard to clean. Our mat is comfortable and a breeze to clean.

The rock-solid coils we use in our PEMF products create the highest physical efficacy of applied electromagnetic signal structure to ensure quality results from your PEMF routine.

The OFC provides constant monitoring of your PEMF mat’s functionality, displaying preprogrammed pole shifts with different colors and a malfunction with a red LED light.

Rather than simply being a basic PEMF mat that just sits there and does what the device tells it, our PEMF mat provides communication to the iMRS control panel.

Better for Your Body

Our PEMF applicator pad and pillow use NASA-tested square waves, creating the most effective wave shape to improve healing, regeneration, pain relief, sleep quality and recovery.


Why Purchase iMRS Systems PEMF Mats?

At iMRS2000, we’re a leading distributor of the Swiss Bionic Solutions Schweiz GbmH, which manufactures our iMRS Prime Exagon Series PEMF solutions. Unlike other PEMF distributors, we go the extra mile to assist you on your PEMF journey, whether you’re new to PEMF or a PEMF expert. 


Here are some great reasons for buying your PEMF technology and therapy solutions from iMRS2000:

  • Early Access to Live Basic PEMF Training:

    Our team has over a decade of experience with PEMF products from across the industry. We know what works for PEMF – and what doesn’t – and we’re eager to share our knowledge with you to ensure you get the best results from PEMF. As an iMRS2000 customer, you’ll get early access to basic training, first-time troubleshooting tips and training materials to get started. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can take advantage of our 1:1 expert PEMF advice, advanced training materials, adjustments to your programs and follow ups. We even include a wide range of materials to help you get started, including The Fifth Element of Health PEMF ebook.


  • Expert PEMF Guidance and Support:

    We have experts that work hand-in-hand with you through the entire process, focusing on answering your questions and concerns. We’ll help you find the perfect training materials so that you can get the best experience from your PEMF mat and therapy. With a decade of experience in magnetic field therapy, we can provide the expert guidance you need (unlike other companies that disappear when you need help). That includes our huge library of YouTube videos that we provide for free as continuing education for our community of PEMF users.


  • Amazing Testimonials from Happy Clients:

    When you’re making any purchase online, you know the importance of using reviews and testimonials to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. We invite you to see for yourself the amazing results that our customers have experienced from our PEMF solutions. You’ll find many client testimonials online, in addition to an exclusive library of additional reviews. These resources include hundreds of case studies as well as over 100 video and 800 written testimonials about the effectiveness of the iMRS Systems PEMF mats.


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