iMRS Offers the Most Advanced PEMF Devices Available

As the best, most advanced PEMF device available today, the iMRS Prime uses nothing but pure earth-based Schumann Frequencies and Intensities. Combined with our proven square wave, you’ll see outstanding healing and regeneration from your PEMF therapy.


PEMF is Proven for Pain Therapy. But Not All PEMF Devices are the Same …

You may have already researched PEMF therapy and how a PEMF device works. If you have, you know the outstanding results you’ll get when using these powerful devices. Finding the perfect PEMF device can be challenging if you don’t know where to look.

PEMF products can vary greatly in quality, and getting a solid product from a business that has a reputation for high quality and customer education can deliver a big improvement in the quality of your results.

Here’s a glance at why the iMRS System is a superior device for the full benefits of PEMF.


Superior PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)

Research shows that when you walk barefoot in nature, your body recharges by restoring its natural ability to heal and generate energy. PEMF achieves the same effect, when it’s done properly.

We use technology to deliver nature’s benefits through natural pulsed electromagnetic fields (commonly abbreviated as PEMF) via our industry-leading iMRS PRIME and ONMIUM1 PEMF solutions.


Faster, More Efficient Therapy from a #1 PEMF Therapy Device

By delivering the same results that you’d get grounding in the outdoors in a shorter timeframe, you’ll be able to fit this therapy into your crazy schedule. At the same time, you’ll only receive healthy PEMFs that have been isolated in our machines, rather than unhealthy PEMFs from power sources and electronics.


A Closer Look at the iMRS PEMF Device

The iMRS magnetic field devices use saw-tool waveforms to duplicate natural cycles, both in terms of frequency and intensity. You’ll receive frequencies from 0-30 Hz. This makes it easy to refresh all of your cells and tissues within a few minutes. Using two PEMF treatments every day, you’ll receive the same energy as spending two to four hours barefoot.

Our probe, Spot and pad incorporate NASA-tested square waves, which is the most effective wave shape for healing, regeneration, recovery and pain relief. Our PEMF devices are the only ones incorporating a biorhythm clock, ensuring you receive energizing frequencies upon rising and relaxing frequencies when ending your day.


The Advantage of iMRS PEMF Devices Over the Competition

Choosing iMRS PEMF devices means that you’ll gain numerous benefits that are focused on creating an easy therapy experience (starting from Day 1) and ongoing ease in using magnetic field devices in your daily routine.


7 fast-start, easy-to-use settings Develop individual profiles and programmed options 2 PEMF devices in a single system with split functions Add light, sound and color features for brainwave entrainment
Recording and monitoring HRV and SPO2 to advance biofeedback PEMF and FIR deliver simultaneous hybrid operation Trial version enables scientific research and reproductive results iGUIDE, pre-programmed software with 250+ conditions


Why Choose for Your PEMF Therapy Devices?

We Support You on Your PEMF Journey

As a leading distributor of Swiss Bionic Solutions Schweiz GmbH, the manufacturers of the iMRS Prime and Omnium1 is the preferred online resource for purchasing your magnetic field devices. Consider these 6 outstanding benefits for buying from iMRS2000.


Proven Track Record
The iMRS has been the world leader in PEMF solutions for 20 years, backed by extensive research and clinical validation. You’ll find many reviews on our website, plus more than 100 additional video reviews, 800+ written testimonials and case studies available in our exclusive testimonial library.

Ongoing Support from Our PEMF Experts 

We created a dedicated sales team to work hand-in-hand with you. This way, our experts focus on answering questions, concerns or training needs. Unlike other businesses that vanish when your need is greatest, we’ve been around for over a decade and are here to stay.

Unparalleled PEMF Training—Free
Our PEMF experts have extensive experience with magnetic therapy devices from all corners of the industry – so we know how it works! iMRS gives you access to live basic training, first-time troubleshooting tips, training materials, 1:1 advanced expert advice, advanced training material access, followups and adjustments to your PEMF programs.

Authoritative Therapy Resources

Use The Fifth Element of Health PEMF ebook to implement therapies into daily life. Learn why these frequencies impact energy production, pain reduction and sleep. It’s written in plain English for the layperson, giving you a great start with magnetic field devices.

Vast PEMF Video Library

Look at our YouTube channel to view over 100 PEMF videos – for free. You’ll find our Energy Medicine Web Series, Companion Energy Medicine ebook and our new Energy Medicine website, which is based on nearly a quarter of a century of PEMF expert Bryant Meyers’ energy medicine research.

Step-by-Step Instructions 
1:1 advanced expert adviceExclusive Advance training sessions to help you define schedules and routines to follow and get the best results possible. Advanced training material access, follow-ups and progressive adjustments to your PEMF programs.


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It’s time to stop living a limited life and enjoy the benefits you can receive from PEMF therapy and the superior PEMF machines brought to you by iMRS2000.COM.

Whether you’re ready to get started with iMRS magnetic field devices or just want more information, contact us today. Whatever PEMF devices you select, we have the right package to meet your needs. Make PEMF devices a part of daily life. 


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