PEMF and Lyme Disease: Everything You Need to Know

PEMF and Lyme Disease: Everything You Need to Know

Researchers have been studying PEMF and Lyme diseases to better understand how PEMF therapy can help people who are struggling with this common ailment.  If you or a loved one is struggling with the effects of Lyme disease, then you know how frustrating this disease can be. Exploring PEMF and Lyme is a great first step to getting the relief you need.

In this blog post, we provide an overview of Lyme disease and outline how a PEMF Lyme protocol can help your body counteract this sickness. 

Lyme Disease

What is Lyme Disease?

Before we dig into PEMF and Lyme, it helps to first have a solid understanding of what Lyme disease is.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by blacklegged ticks. The CDC estimates that about 300,000 people will contract Lyme every year, with common symptoms including headaches, fever, fatigue and a skin rash.

Unfortunately, these symptoms can also be associated with other health issues, so many people don’t realize they have Lyme disease until they develop more severe symptoms, including numbness in the hands and/or legs, arthritis, infection in the heart and/or nervous system and short-term memory loss. 

When the illness progresses to this advanced stage, it can be difficult to fully eradicate, leaving individuals with a life-long condition that can be difficult to manage even with medication.

Using PEMF for Lyme disease

What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields. It is an alternative healing modality that uses electromagnetic signals to stimulate the body’s cells and jumpstart the healing process. PEMF therapy gets your blood flowing, helps the body get rid of waste and reduces pain. Furthermore, research has shown that PEMF can also suppress bone loss, regenerate tissue and improve mental health. 

Now, let’s take a closer at PEMF and Lyme to uncover how pulsed electromagnetic fields can help relieve the symptoms of this disease.

PEMF and Lyme Disease: What Does PEMF Have to Offer?

Medical professionals recommend the use of PEMF for Lyme disease for several reasons. One reason is pain management. PEMF therapy combats pain and inflammation more effectively than traditional painkillers. While over-the-counter pills can take away pain temporarily, PEMF will go to the root cause of the pain by aiding your body at the cellular level. What’s more, anyone can use PEMF, and there are no negative side effects to this all-natural treatment option. Anybody can purchase the best PEMF device for Lyme disease and use it comfortably in their own home.

Another reason for PEMF Lyme disease usage is to improve mental health. Feeling fatigued, unwell and in pain all the time can cause a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and stressPEMF mats often come with special applicators, including ones that can send signals directly to the brain, in order to improve mental health. What’s more, you can even use a PEMF mat to eliminate insomnia and achieve deeper, restorative sleep.  

Benefits of a PEMF Lyme Protocol

PEMF therapy can also combat Lyme disease itself. The frequencies emitted by the PEMF mat reach deep into the body, locating Lyme bacteria hidden deep inside cells and eliminating them. 

It’s important to note that, like any form of treatment, it is impossible to guarantee that PEMF therapy will completely eradicate all Lyme bacteria and every symptom of Lyme disease in every single person. Much depends on the individual, how long he or she has had Lyme disease, and where the bacteria have settled. Even so, PEMF does effectively reduce symptoms and improves overall health in many individuals. What’s more, it can easily be used in supplementation of other treatment options.  

PEMF and Lyme Disease: Getting Started

If you aren’t familiar with PEMF therapy and how it works, you may be curious how to get started. While many physicians increasingly offer PEMF for Lyme disease, you don’t have to rely on doctor visits alone. You can purchase a PEMF mat online here at iMRS 2000 and use it from the comfort of your own home. 

Our PEMF mats are made to be portable, so you can easily use it in any room or take it with you when traveling.

PEMF and Lyme Disease: What is the Best PEMF Device for Lyme Disease?

In our experience, the best PEMF device for Lyme disease is the iMRS Prime and the Omnium1. The basic iMRS Prime mat is designed for beginners and comes with various amenities such as a timer and fast-start program buttons, so you don’t have to spend long minutes fidgeting with the controls in order to get the mat working properly. The Omnium1 is a foldable mat that is ideal for anyone who travels regularly and/or has limited storage space, and it comes with an app that allows you to control the mat with a smartphone. 

Both mats offer additional applicators that can be used to send electromagnetic signals to specific parts of the body. Plus we offer unbeatable support here at iMRS 2000 and numerous resources to help individuals gain the maximum benefits from whichever mat they purchase.

Learn More about PEMF and Lyme

Learn more about the benefits of using PEMF for Lyme disease. Contact us today and start on the path of relief from Lyme disease. 

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