How to Choose a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Machine

Choosing the right pulsed electromagnetic field machine is essential for achieving the best results. Since not all PEMF machines offer the same features or quality, it’s important to compare your options carefully.

Thankfully, finding the right device is simple when you know what to look for. It’s just a matter of identifying your personal goals (for example, the ailments you aim to resolve with PEMF), along with the systems and features that can help you achieve those goals.

Here are a few things to look for as you search for a pulsed electromagnetic field machine.


What to Look for in a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Machine

1) Easily Adjustable Frequency Levels

When using a pulsed electromagnetic field machine, some electromagnetic frequencies will be more effective at addressing certain issues than others. So, you want to be sure that your PEMF device can be adjusted to your needs – and doing so shouldn’t be difficult.

As you compare devices, make sure that the settings can be easily adjusted, ideally via an intuitive control panel, like those found on the iMRS Prime and iMRS ONE/OMNIUM1.

2) Fast Start Options on the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Machine’s Control Unit

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing your own pulsed electromagnetic field machine is being able to use it conveniently at home, whenever you want. So, the device shouldn’t be difficult to operate.

Leading PEMF machines like the iMRS Prime come pre-programmed with “fast start options” that provide the right frequencies and intensities for the most common needs. For example, the iMRS Prime features 7 fast start options for energy, stress relief, relaxation, sleep and more.

3) Additional Sensory Stimulation

Some systems allow for add-on devices that work in tandem with your PEMF mat to stimulate other areas of the body. A great example of this is iMRS Prime’s Brainwave Entrainment, which uses goggles and the power of light, sound and color to stimulate the brain‘s electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation.

4) Multiple User Options (if Multiple People Will Use the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Machine)

Do you and a loved one plan to share the same PEMF device? If so, then look for a pulsed electromagnetic field machine that lets you add multiple users. This allows you to save your programming preferences for each person, so you can easily load them when it’s your turn to use the device.

5) Availability of Training Resources

Whether you’re new to PEMF or an expert, your results should never be based on guesswork. Beyond the features built into each pulsed electromagnetic field machine, you need to look for a system that comes with useful training resources to teach you how to use your device and get the most out of it. 

At iMRS 2000, we equip every customer with a wealth of resources to quickly master their device and maximize their results.

Find Your Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Machine at iMRS 2000

The features above are only a short list of things to look for when purchasing a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Machine. Learn more by contacting our experts today and we’ll guide you to the perfect PEMF therapy solution for your needs. 


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