What Makes the Omnium1 a Superior PEMF Device?

Why is the Ominum1 widely considered one of the best PEMF devices on the market? Let’s start with the basics.

You can use a PEMF device for many medical conditions, chronic or acute, there have been multiple studies in which PEMF has shown being beneficial for muscle stimulation, mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as cancer. In fact, the FDA has approved PEMF for treatment of nonunion fractures, anxiety and depression. Even so, not all PEMF mats are created equal. If you’re looking for an optimal PEMF mat that will provide quality and top-tier service for many years, the Omnium1 simply can’t be beat. The following list outlines just some of the many factors that sets this mat apart from the competition.

Omnium1 Advantage #1: Cutting-edge OmniBrain Technology

If you experience chronic pain and/or brain fog, PEMF therapy can address the root cause of the problem so you can sleep well at night, improve your overall wellness, and lead a happy, pain-free life. OmniBrain, which is an optional accessory that can be purchased with the Omnium1 PEMF mat, has a two-channel brainwave entrainment, to help you recover your cognitive functions.

The OmniBrain not only sends the right signals to each area of your brain but also comes with earphones and a PCB to provide appropriate music stimulation, light and color frequencies. Furthermore, the OmniBrain can be easily customized to suit your exact needs at any given time.

Omnium1 Advantage #2: Safe Frequency Levels

The exact PEMF frequency level needed to treat any given condition depends on various factors. Even so, it’s a known fact that high frequency devices can be harmful if used incorrectly (Earth’s natural frequencies are 1-30 Hz). Omnium1 uses low frequencies only to ensure your therapy session offers the health benefits you need without causing negative side effects.

Omnium1 Advantage #3: Continual Updates

The Omnium1 led the way as the first Android-based control device on the market, and the manufacturer continues to use cutting-edge technology to improve the original design.The device has a free update function, so you can improve your device automatically and at no additional cost.

Omnium1 Advantage #4: Portability

If you travel frequently, and you want to take your PEMF device with you to use it at various locations, or simply don’t have much storage space in your home, the Omnium1 is sure to please. The device can be easily folded and transported, so you can use it and take it anywhere with you.

Omnium1 Advantage #5: User-Friendly Features

Many medical facilities offer PEMF therapy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a doctor to learn how to use a PEMF mat. The Omnium1 is an incredibly user-friendly device with multiple features to make it easy for beginners to learn how to use the mat with ease and even customize various aspects of their session without undue hassle.

The Omnium1 comes with a handy built-in organ clock, so you can set the device to treat any part of your body with just a few taps. It also has nearly half a dozen pre-installed, quick-start programs for individuals who are new to PEMF therapy and want to start treatment without reading through the user manual. Handy appendages can be connected to the mat, so you can apply the treatment to any part of your body while you work, eat, spend time with family and/or friends, or relax in the yard with a good book.

Order Your Omnium1 from iMRS 2000

The Omnium1 is by far one of the best PEMF mats on the market, and you can get extra perks and benefits when you purchase it from iMRS 2000. We provide free training materials and supporting materials to make it easy for adults of all ages to learn how to best use PEMF therapy to meet their exact needs. We also offer unbeatable support to help you fully benefit from all your new Omnium1 mat has to offer.


Pierre Landa
Pierre Landa

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