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Powerful Before and After Live Blood Results

The photograph in the 1st slide of figure below uses live blood microscopy to depict a sample of “stressed” blood exhibiting the Rouleau effect, which is when red blood cells clump together, stacked like coins. This effect reduces the overall surface area of hemoglobin making it difficult for freshly breathed in oxygen to find a home. 

The Rouleau effect further inhibits proper oxygenation to the cells because the red blood cells do not circulate well enough to deliver oxygen where it is needed. This is because the capillaries in your body are so tiny that red blood cells can only pass through one at a time in a single file line. AND, it’s in the capillaries where nutrients and oxygen are transferred to your cells.

There is a simple explanation why the Rouleau effect occurs – it’s related to voltage. When your cellular voltage is low, the positive charge on the outside of the cell is diminished to allow the cells to stick together and stack like coins. Healthy cells have a strong positive charge on the outside of the cells, and by simple electrostatics, will repel each other. Remember, like charges repel. There is no way you can have clumping cells if your cellular voltage is strong. It’s straightforward physics!

The 2nd slide in figure 2 shows the same blood after a single 8-minute session with the Prime. Notice that by simply charging up the cells with the PRIME, you can quickly improve the health of your red blood cells and assist in better oxygenating your cells.

iMRS Prime and Live Blood by Magda Havas (Unbiased Review)

She did a live blood analysis after she worked on a computer. Then tested her blood after using the (i)MRS  mat for 8 minutes on a sensitive setting (low intensity) and found – to my surprise – that her blood cells looked much healthier. They were no longer sticking together. See slides 1 and 2 below. She repeated this several times and found virtually identical results. This was incredibly encouraging.

Figure 1. Photographs of a live blood sample before (slide 1) and after (slide 2) an MRS treatment.

Because her blood looked so unhealthy after working on a computer She did some more testing, which showed that her blood becomes clumped after she is exposed to electrosmog from computers and cordless phones. Fortunately the “clumping” doesn’t last long once I remove myself from the radiation.

One night she bashed her shin against some furniture and knew that in the morning I would have a large bruise. The skin was cut but not bleeding. I used the probe set at high for 8 minutes and went to bed. The next morning there was no bruise, no swelling, and no pain, just the remnants of the cut.

iMRS Prime Published Studies and Clinical Case Studies


Low-frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in Fibromyalgia: A Randomized, Double-blind, Sham-control-led Clinical Study (2009). “To evaluate the clinical effectiveness of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy for women with fibromyalgia (FM). […] The PEMF group showed significant improvements in FIQ, VAS pain, BDI score, and SF-36 scale in all domains at the end of therapy. […] Low-frequency PEMF therapy might improve function, pain, fatigue, and global status in FM patients.”


Treatment of Whiplash-associated Disorders. Part I: Non-invasive Interventions (2005). “Patients receiving the magnetic field treatment had significantly less pain than the controls (P<0.03) and significantly greater range of motion (P<0.05).” 

PubMed Link:



"A commercially available magnetic therapy system, designed for clinical application as well as for private use without medical supervision, was examined with respect to its potential for causing electromagnetic interference with implantable pacemakers (PMs, 15) and automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators (AICDs, 5). [...] Exposure to the whole body mat (peak magnetic induction up to 265 mT) did not show an influence on PMs and AICDs in any case. [...] The investigated AICDs did not show malfunctions under any investigated condition. In conclusion, the examined PEMF therapy system did not interfere with the investigated implantable cardiac devices with bipolar electrode configuration. However, unipolar electrode configuration in pacemakers seems to be potentially hazardous during application of the examined PEMF therapy system [ Pillow-Pad or Wand only ]." (Abstract, p.365). Editor: In sum, there is NO contraindication between all 3 Applicators and AICDs. There is NO contraindication between the full-body Mat and pacemakers. There is NO contraindication between the Pillow-Pad or Wand and bipolar pacemakers. There IS a contraindication only between the Pillow-Pad or Wand and unipolar pacemakers. Bottom line: Check the pacemaker's model # and/or call the manufacturer of the pacemaker prior to PEMF use.



GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) / Increasing Cellular and Whole Body Voltage Clearing and Balancing Meridians, Chakras

The iMRS Prime provides a healthy "trickle charge" as nature intended. In our work with the Kirilian camera, we see more light emissions from a person after an MRS session than any other modality. What we see is on a par with high level Reiki session. Live blood cell analysis tells the same story. Daily, consistent use brings the greatest benefits.

Registration of GDV images (bioelectography) before (left) and after (right) iMRS Prime session:

Symmetry of subjects energy field went from 87% to 93 % and illumined area from 14250 to 23587, after an eight minute session on the iMRS Prime.

Below are Clinical Studies in Virginia done By GDV specialist William Vitalis 


IN CONTRAST to the above study with the MRS 2000, this study was done with the Bemer, a competing PEMF device, and showed the Bemer was not effective against fibromyalgia. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in the Treatment of Pain and Other Symptoms in Fibromyalgia: A Randomized Controlled Study (2018). “This study demonstrated that [the BEMER PEMF therapy] was not efficient in reducing pain and stiffness or in improving functioning in women with fibromyalgia.” click . Other reasons why you may wish to try the iMRS first.

PubMed Link:


The Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in the Treatment of Cervical Osteoarthritis: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Sham-controlled Trial (2006). "Pain levels in the PEMF group decreased significantly after therapy (p<0.001), but no change was observed in the placebo group. The active ROM, paravertebral muscle spasm and neck pain and disability scale (NPDS) scores improved significantly after PEMF therapy (p<0.001) but no change was observed in the sham group.

PubMed Link:



One of the primary mechanisms of action for the iMRS Prime is the release of nitric oxide. This compound was discovered to be the key factor in causing smooth muscle (e.g., in the vessel walls) to relax, thus producing dilation of the blood vessels and improved circulation. There are MANY many before and after infra-red thermograms which prove conclusively that the iMRS Prime produces MARKED IMPROVEMENTS in circulation.

Infrared Thermography Before and Afters with the iMRS Prime show an increase in 3 degrees in surface skin body temperature.

This is VERY significant because there is actually NO HEAT in the mat. The results are obtained because the iMRS Prime opens up circulation and microcirculation producing a warmth in the hands and feet (and all over the body).

Circulation is one the main KEYS to recovery.


PEMF increases Energy/Brightness, Symmetry/Coherence, and Cohesion/Conservation.

More information on GDV technique can be found at the following websites:


— Instruments: GDV (Gas Discharge Visulaization)
— EIS (Electro-Interstitial Scan) technology (DC, 100 to 700 Hz)
— BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis) Technology (50kHz)
— Photoplethysmograph (heart rate + HRV)
— Oxymeter (% hemoglobin oxygen saturation)

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 iMRS products and suggestions are not intended to treat, cure or mitigate disease, rather these protocols assist the body in healing itself by enhancing circulation, oxygenation, nutrient absorption, energy production and detoxification. is an independent distributor for the manufacturer.

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