PEMF Therapy: It’s Not Quackery

When people hear about PEMF therapy for the first time, a common reaction is to be skeptical. After all, the benefits of PEMF therapy are far-ranging. And they can be achieved by simply lying down on a PEMF mat for as little as 30 minutes a day.

For some people, that sounds too good to be true. But that’s exactly why we spend so much time on education and training here at iMRS 2000. When people understand the science behind PEMF therapy, they do a complete U-turn. When they see the decades of medical research and successful patient outcomes that demonstrate PEMF’s effectiveness, they understand why so many physicians now recommend it to their patients.

So let’s step back for a moment and go over the basics about what PEMF therapy is (and what it’s not). 



PEMF is a safe, non-invasive practice.

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields. It’s a safe and completely painless practice that is used for a wide variety of medical ailments and wellness goals. 

The practice involves using specialized PEMF devices, such a PEMF mat that you lie down on, or a handheld applicator that you apply to targeted areas of your body. These PEMF devices emit low levels of magnetic energy, which aids your body’s healing systems at the cellular level.


The science behind PEMF is all around us.

Remember that we are already surrounded by the magnetic energy from the earth. Research shows that we can harness these fields for our benefit. For example, there is evidence that walking barefoot in grass or sand can have restorative and healing effects on our body due to the low-level electrical flow between the skin and the earth (a process known as grounding).

The science behind PEMF is very similar. The magnetic energy emitted by a PEMF machine is at very low frequencies and intensities, so you don’t feel anything at all. But the effects are powerful nonetheless: the energy helps to “recharge” our bodies and support healthy cellular function (which is critical to our well-being).


PEMF therapy isn’t new.

It’s been in use for decades. In fact, PEMF therapy received its first FDA approval in 1979 for healing nonunion bone fractures. Nonunion fractures are broken bones that fail to heal after an extended period of time. Clinical trials showed that PEMF was a safe and effective solution that could be used to heal these fractures, leading to approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In the decades since, PEMF machines have continued to receive additional FDA approvals for several other clinical applications.


The benefits of PEMF machines are supported by science.

PEMF therapy has been the subject of numerous clinical trials and medical studies for more than 4 decades. This research has shown, repeatedly, that PEMF is an effective solution for resolving inflammation, pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, neurological disorders and even some cancers.


Doctors already administer PEMF therapy.

Physicians across the medical community already recommend and administer PEMF therapy for their patients. This includes primary care physicians, GPs, pain management specialists, physical therapists, integrative medicine doctors, rheumatologists, homeopathic doctors and many others.


PEMF therapy is NOT a magic bullet. 

Like all medical treatments, PEMF therapy should not be thought of as a cure-all. Yes, it has wide-ranging health benefits and clinical applications. However, it’s important to set the right expectations. PEMF therapy works best when used as an ongoing practice, whether in supplementation or as an alternative to other treatment options.


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