Is PEMF Therapy Dangerous?

Are there any PEMF dangers you should know about before getting started? For new patients, starting any new medical regimen can be intimidating. So it’s understandable if you have questions and want to get as much information as possible before diving in. The good news is that there are no PEMF dangers to worry about, […]

What are the Top 3 PEMF Therapy Benefits?

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a natural, FDA-approved treatment option that offers a multitude of benefits to healthy and chronically ill people alike. The following are three outstanding PEMF therapy benefits to consider if you are looking for natural treatments for a chronic health condition or simply way to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Keep […]

What are PEMF Therapy Side Effects?

If you’re new to PEMF, you may wonder if there are any PEMF therapy side effects to know about. It’s a good question to ask whenever starting any new medical treatment. Being informed about your treatment options can help you make better decisions for your health and wellness, and avoid the potentially dangerous side effects […]