Balancing Your Meridians with a PEMF Machine

Using a PEMF machine is an effective way to balance your meridians as an alternative to other invasive treatments. In this post, we look at how to do it, along with the unique benefits. hat does it mean to balance your meridians? The Meridian System is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine that dates back […]

What is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device?

A pulsed electromagnetic field device is a wellness tool that emits electromagnetic waves to stimulate cells and support the body’s natural recovery processes. The device is used as part of PEMF therapy, which is the practice of using electromagnetic waves to address common symptoms of damaged or dysfunctional cells, such as inflammation, fatigue and pain. […]

How to Choose a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Machine

Choosing the right pulsed electromagnetic field machine is essential for achieving the best results. Since not all PEMF machines offer the same features or quality, it’s important to compare your options carefully. Thankfully, finding the right device is simple when you know what to look for. It’s just a matter of identifying your personal goals […]

How PEMF Devices Improve Your Cellular Voltage

What role do PEMF devices play for improving our cellular voltage? Science has shown that every single cell in the human body produces an electromagnetic field. In healthy individuals, cell voltage ranges between 70 and 100 millivolts. On the other hand, tests have shown that the cell voltage levels in chronically ill patients typically range […]

iMRS Prime vs. Bemer: Which is the Better PEMF Mat?

Picking the right PEMF mat not only helps you get the most of your PEMF therapy sessions and speeds up your body’s healing process, but also enables you to avoid discomfort caused by a mat that doesn’t suit your exact needs. The iMRS Prime and Bemer PEMF mats are two popular PEMF mat options on the market. […]

4 Tips to Maximize Your PEMF Results from PEMF Devices

PEMF devices can help to eliminate pain, minimize stress, increase blood flow, improve focus, and much more. Based on PEMF results it is a highly effective form of therapy with no negative side effects as it uses electromagnetic pulses to improve health problems in a natural, non-invasive manner. This therapy is dispensed via PEMF, such as […]

PEMF Therapy for Insomnia? Here’s How a PEMF Machine Can Help

Chronic insomnia is a common problem that can wreak total havoc on your life, but a PEMF therapy for insomnia with a PEMF machine may be able to provide the restorative sleep that your body needs. The inability to get enough sleep at night can lead to a heightened risk of accidents, inability to study […]