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This is imrs2000PRIME Team, We want to go over with you where you should be buying your iMRS 2000 Prime. I’m assuming you’ve already made the decision that the iMRS 2000 Prime is the best PEMF device. We’re assuming you’re looking for the best place to buy an iMRS 2000 Prime.

Right off the bat, you should know the Swiss company that manufactures the iMRS 2000 Prime has a minimum allowed pricing policy. So, everybody has to charge the same price. The only question is who can give you the best training and support? The answer is iMRS2000prime.com Team.

Below are the Six reasons why purchasing your PEMF device from iMRS2000prime.com is your best choice. One on One training is made available to you by phone, video and email only.


***BUYER BEWARE: The Swiss Based Parent Company DOES NOT honor warranty on Used Machines. Please DO NOT buy used online. Some places, such as Ebay and Websites selling used machines include a warranty WHICH WILL NOT BE HONORED. Call us for the Best Price, 3 year unconditional warranty Training and Support + Free Energy Medicine Course + Free Book + Other Free Gifts.

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy from iMRS 2000 Prime.

Reason #1: Training and Experience

I have 11 years experience with the MRS 2000, the current iMRS, the Omnium, and I’ve even owned the VitaLife, the older generation MRS 2000. With this extensive accumulated knowledge working with all of the devices, I do the training myself, to offer you the highest quality training available.

After having the opportunity to train with doctors in Germany, taking all the early courses they offered, I’ve been with this company for well over a decade, sharing this technology and training thousands of people. A year of my life was devoted to creating and writing the best selling book, PEMF – the 5th Element of Health. Through reading my book, many people have learned out about the iMRS 2000 Prime. It has currently sold over 50,000 copies and is translated into four languages. A second edition is currently in the works.

With over 11 years of experience, training and supporting people comes naturally to me. The PEMF market has been experiencing massive recent surges in interest online, creating opportunities for essentially any person with a bare minimum of knowledge or experience to become a “seller” or so-called “expert.” At this time, I am one of the very few professionals with not only experience and education, but also the longevity of my decade plus track record. If you are already speaking with others about purchasing, there is a strong probability I have trained them or they have learned what they know from reading my books or watching my videos online. The CEO of our company calls me Mr. PEMF because of all I have done and shared with others. The real question is – Do you want to learn directly from the source, or would you rather learn from someone with little experience who is essentially a new-comer, parroting my information as best as they are able?

Besides PEMF therapy, I’ve been studying energy medicine for 20 years. There is no other person, or distributor, selling the unit who will be able to give you the kind of training and support I do.

Curious to learn more about where I’m featured and what I have accomplished? Not only have I written a best selling book, but I’ve also been featured in the Wall Street Journal. I’ve been on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox with the Brian Tracy Show. I’ve appeared in Brian Tracy’s book, Beat the Curve. The theme of that particular book was new breakthroughs and innovations, of which, I wrote an entire chapter on PEMF. I was the associate producer of The Connected Universe. One of the themes in my writings and videos is reconnecting to nature, to the universe, and to the five elements of health that we all need. You can go to iMDB.com to learn more. GAIAM TV host, Regina Meredith, read my book and featured me on a one hour show, which is still available to subscribers of GAIAM TV. I’ve also done three episodes on Extreme Health Radio, a few courses on PEMF for Quantum University, and I have taught two energy medicine classes at the Great Lakes School of Integrative Medicine.

Reason #2: Longevity, Commitment, and Availability

While I want to keep this positive, let me share with you the problems reps encounter when they work with other distributors. It can be boiled down to two complaints. The first is, they just can’t reach their salesman/trainer. A lot of the people that sell the unit are also your trainer. That should be a red flag right there. When it comes to priorities, a salesperson will concentrate on sales over training. Training is secondary and should be provided by a dedicated trainer. Here at iMRS2000prime.com, we have a dedicated sales team that focuses solely on sales and assisting you through the sales process. This leaves me available to concentrate on assisting you with your new machine and training you on using the iMRS 2000 Prime.

The second problem, and it is a major issue for everyone, is distributors come and go. I’ve been with this company 11+ years, and I’ve seen numerous websites and distributors pop up, only to disappear in a very short period of time.Unfortunately, what happens is people will call iMRS2000.com looking for help and support, because the person that sold them the unit is no longer available, supporting customers, or working with the parent company. This is a big problem for everyone involved and the customer loses out time and time again. When you purchase from iMRS2000prime.com you will get a long-term commitment and you’ll know that help is always available.

There’s a few ways you can check on the longevity of a company. Check out their website on www.Archive.org, the Way Back Machine. If they’ve just thrown up their website in the past year or two, you know they are the new guys on the block. There’s no guarantee how long they will be around. Check their Facebook page. How many “likes” do they have? We have over 5,000 likes on our Facebook page. Many of the other people selling online don’t have very many likes. They many not have many videos available. They are not doing much to show you that they are committed to PEMF.

If you have the time, we invite you to look on our YouTube channel. There you will find well over 100 videos. We have getting started videos and training videos that other websites and sellers don’t offer. in fact, other distributors actually use our getting started videos. We have over 1-million views on all of our videos combined.

Reason #3: Continuing Education

New videos are constantly being added and made available to the public for free. Having chosen to reinvest profits made from iMRS2000prime.com, I am producing new educational materials, written content and shareable information that is made accessible to everyone, everywhere. Right now, I’m working on a second edition of my book, and an energy medicine course with a companion book. The course will be available only to iMRS2000prime.com buyers. Not only offering one-on-one training and support, I’ll be offering online courses that are not going to be available anywhere else.

Reason #4: Energy Medicine Course and Companion Energy Medicine Book

Free Energy Medicine Course, New Energy Medicine Ebook, and Lifetime membership to http://www.energymedicine.com (new site coming soon).

This course and companion book is based on 24 years of research in the field of energy medicine by Author and Trainer Bryant Meyers! It covers not only PEMF therapy but ALL the elements of energy medicine.

People are raving about the free Energy Medicine course that is one of the special  bonuses you will receive access to immediately upon purchasing your new iMRS 2000 Prime unit.

Imagine you had the Energy Medicine “Book of Secrets”. That’s literally what this course is like – and its a free bonus from Author Bryant Meyers (Author of PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health) for our customers only when you get your iMRS 2000 Prime here. Practice what is in this course and your life, energy and health will RADICALLY change. Your health is your wealth and it is my heart’s desire for you to practice and implement as much as possible that I share here.


1. Reconnecting to Nature and Her Elements and being in tune with Natures rhythms. Understand that the best food, water, light, air, PEMF, earthing, etc comes DIRECTLY from Nature. When we cannot get Nature’s best, we do what Victor Schauberger says, “Comprehend and Copy Nature”.

2. I want to help you understand WHY certain things feel so good. Why you feel good eating fresh organic food, drinking cool spring water, going to the beach, camping, gardening, walking barefoot, breathing fresh air, etc. There is a reason. Usually what feels good is GOOD FOR YOU, providing it is not some synthetic drug or chemical highjacking your brain.

3. Holistic Healing and Energy Medicine is FULL SPECTRUM… You need all the elements for optimal healing and recovery. There is NO magic pill or single cure all. Health is a lifestyle to be lived everyday by developing healthy habits. This course is giving you the tools you need to apply to your daily routine.

4. Nature’s Balance – Nature gives us the perfect balance of the elements we need. Millions of years of evolution have coupled us and connected us to Mother Gaia. Organic whole foods and superfoods vs engineered foods, drinks and vitamins/minerals. Spring water over processed and ionized waters. Full spectrum Sunlight over artificial lights and even color therapy. Fresh air vs indoor air (forced air heated/air conditioning) and even vs oxygen and ozone therapies. Natural PEMF vs unnatural, walking barefoot vs earthing pads etc.

5. See the Human Body from a Quantum and Energetic and Consciousness based worldview. The body has many dimensions beyond the physical and all these dimensions are important for health and happiness.

6. The body is holo-fractal-graphic, self similar and dynamically interconnected. You treat one part you treat the whole, you treat the whole you treat ALL parts. It goes both ways.

7. Use the Placebo Effect to your advantage. The Placebo effect is ONLY bad when a medical study wants a drug to beat the placebo, otherwise it is to your advantage. By understanding the elements of energy medicine, you will get tremendous confidence that you CAN improve your health and energy levels.

Reason #5: PEMF Book | The Fifth Element of Health

Discover how you can instantly put PEMF therapy to work in your life with Bryant Meyer’s book titled, PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health.

You probably know that food, water, sunlight, and oxygen are required for life, but there is a fifth element of health that is equally vital and often overlooked: The Earth’s magnetic field and its corresponding PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic fields). The two main components of Earth’s PEMFs, the Schumann and Geomagnetic frequencies, are so essential that NASA and the Russian space program equip their spacecrafts with devices that replicate these frequencies. These frequencies are absolutely necessary for the human body’s circadian rhythms, energy production, and even keeping the body free from pain. But there is a big problem on planet earth right now, rather, a twofold problem, as to why we are no longer getting these life-nurturing energies of the earth. In this book we’ll explore the current problem and how the new science of PEMF therapy (a branch of energy medicine), based on modern quantum field theory, is the solution to this problem, with the many benefits listed below:

This is the world’s first comprehensive book and instruction guide on PEMF’s. It is written for the lay-person and explains in plain English how you can benefit from PEMF’s just as Mother Nature intended. If you’re remotely interested in energy medicine and always looking for ground-breaking research on ways to improve your health, then you’ll absolutely treasure this book.

Reason #6: Training and Experience

With over 800 Written Testimonials, over 100 Video Testimonials, and hundreds of Clinical Case Studies, iMRS2000prime.com has developed and created an unprecedented testimonial database online for our clients. We’ve added an integrated search option allowing you to search by disease or symptom streamlining your search process to help you find exactly what YOU need!

Access to the database is password protected and available ONLY via iMRS2000prime.com but we want to share this with you. Simply call us today for the password so you can learn for yourself exactly why the iMRS 2000 Prime is the top PEMF device on the market. It’s helped thousands upon thousands of people – it can help you too!