What is the Best Non-Drug Option for Pain Management

What is the Best Non-Drug Option for Pain Management?

Because of the numerous side effects and dangers of taking prescription painkillers, it’s common for patients to seek out a non-drug option for pain management.

This is especially true for those who suffer from chronic pain, whether it’s back pain, joint pain, nerve pain, or inflammatory pain. For these types of conditions, many patients do not wish to take traditional painkillers for long periods of time, especially if they are habit-forming. But even those who experience acute pain, such as from an injury or surgery, commonly want a non-drug option for pain management. 

Alternative healing modalities are thus an increasingly popular option for those who don’t want the risks of taking drugs. The question is: which is best for eliminating pain?

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PEMF is an effective non-drug option for pain management

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy is an effective non-drug option for pain management that uses no prescription medications or drugs of any kind.  It uses a specialized mat that emits short pulses of electromagnetic waves to stimulate the cellular activity that is critical for your body’s healing processes and overall health.

PEMF is painless and completely non-invasive. You simply lie down on a comfortable, cushioned mat, which emits the magnetic fields into your body.

Now, let’s look at the role that PEMF plays when it comes to pain management and how it works.

How does PEMF work to eliminate pain?

PEMF supports your body’s healing processes on a cellular level. It does this by using low-level magnetic energy to stimulate, repair and recharge cells that are damaged or dysfunctional. In turn, this helps your body’s natural ability to heal and improve overall wellness. 

Studies show that PEMF can play a role in reducing and eliminating pain, including chronic and acute pain, making it an effective non-drug option for pain management. By energizing the damaged or dysfunctional cells that contribute to your pain, PEMF helps your body heal. This same process is why PEMF is also effective at reducing inflammation, increasing energy, improving circulation, strengthening bones and muscles, and improving heart health. Many people also use PEMF to achieve deeper, rejuvenating sleep (a lack of which can also cause various types of pain).

See what others say about PEMF as a non-drug option for pain management

At iMRS 2000, we have numerous video testimonials from those who have used PEMF to eliminate many different kinds of pain, including muscle pain, soreness, knee pain, back pain, hip pain, neck pain and other ailments. 

A growing body of research provides further evidence of PEMF’s effectiveness for pain management. In one randomized, double-blind clinical trial, researchers concluded that PEMF was a “novel, safe and effective therapeutic tool” for patients with chronic, nonmalignant pain.

A recent paper published by University of California, Irvine, took a comprehensive look at medical research examining PEMF as a non-drug option for pain. The paper noted that PEMF has been shown to improve “many painful conditions including: acute injury, arthritis and nerve issues.”

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