5 Reasons to Use the Omnium1 for PEMF Therapy

Why is the Omnium1 considered one of today’s best tools for PEMF?

Let’s start with the basics. As you may already know, PEMF therapy offers a range of wellness benefits. It provides relief from pain and discomfort, alleviates inflammation and swelling, can help the body in mitigating symptoms of osteoarthritis, boosts physical energy levels and improves overall health and well-being. What’s more, this all-natural treatment doesn’t have any of the negative side effects that come with other types of treatments and medications.

Even so, to get the most out of this cutting-edge technology, it’s important to select the right PEMF machine to suit your needs. Here are 5 reasons why the Omnium1 is the PEMF machine of choice.

1) The Cutting-Edge Capabilities of Omnium1

The Omnium1 is a cutting-edge device that uses the best technology it has to offer to ensure you get optimum results from your PEMF therapy sessions. The PEMF device can be even used by EMF sensitive people. What’s more, it comes with an optional Brainwave Entrainment, so you can improve your mental health and performance while boosting your physical health and energy levels. The OmniBrain system uses light, color and sound frequencies to stimulate brain cells and is a great option for those who battle with mental health and cognitive issues.


2) Omnium1’s User-Friendly Features and Amenities 

The Omnium1 isn’t just for medical professionals. It’s for anyone who wants to experience the full benefits that PEMF therapy has to offer. To this end, the manufacturer has taken measures to ensure that the device is as easy to use as possible, the most friendly user it can be. Nearly half a dozen quick start programs can be activated with a touch of a button. What’s more, a built-in biorhythm clock regulates the frequency set to morning, noon, evening or night, ensuring that every single part of your body benefits from PEMF frequencies at the ideal intensity level.


3) Portability of the Omnium1

The Omnium1 is designed to be highly portable, so you can take it just about anywhere with ease. It also comes with Velcro straps and optional local applicators for hands-free applications. You can even use the tv while you do the session, but you have to be away at least more than 6 fts, as with any other electrical device that is not from Omnium1.


4) The Omnium1 is Available at a Great Price

The Omnium1 proves that top-quality service doesn’t have to be costly. The device is currently the most affordable full-size PEMF machine for home use on the market. It includes an Android-based control panel, a high-capacity battery that can be used continuously for over four hours, a whole-body mat applicator, a cushion applicator and an intelligent D/A converter to ensure accurate power generation and prevent undesired fatigue. 


5) Omnium1 is our “On the Go” System

The Omnium1 is our recommended product, if you travel 6 – 8 months a year or even if you will be traveling more than 2 weeks out of town, and you want to take it with you, since it’s so easy to pack. It’s even much easier if you get the travel bag accesorie to pack it.


Get Your Omnium1 Today at iMRS 2000 – Plus Helpful Training You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Your body is irreplaceable; as such, it’s important to invest in your physical and mental health, so you can live your best life and enjoy your family, friends, hobbies and career to the full. The Omnium1 enables you to improve your physical and mental health without having to make big compromises. All you have to do is plug a few accessories, hit a few buttons, be consistent and you’re all set. 

What’s more, when you purchase the Omnium1 from iMRS 2000, you’ll get not only a top-tier PEMF machine but also free training videos, an exclusive advanced training and guidelines booklet, unbiased scientific studies and research from reputable sources, unbeatable customer service and ongoing assistance and support. We take pride in helping each one of our clients get the most out of PEMF therapy, and we look forward to working with you to ensure your usage of the Omnium1 device offers the optimal physical and mental health benefits you need and deserve.


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