iMRS Prime vs. Bemer: Which is the Better PEMF Mat?

Picking the right PEMF mat not only helps you get the most of your PEMF therapy sessions and speeds up your body’s healing process, but also enables you to avoid discomfort caused by a mat that doesn’t suit your exact needs.

The iMRS Prime and Bemer PEMF mats are two popular PEMF mat options on the market. Each one has its strong points, but the iMRS Prime stands out for several reasons.

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Why the iMRS Prime PEMF Mat Comes Out on Top

A PEMF Mat with More and Better Frequency Options

Those who are familiar with PEMF therapy know that you have to customize your frequency settings to get the best results. The part of your body in need of treatment, your overall health and the duration of the therapy session will all impact your magnetic frequency settings.

Bemer PEMF mats have two primary frequencies; these are 10 Hz and 30 Hz. The iMRS Prime, on the other hand, has four primary frequencies: .5Hz, 3Hz, 5.5Hz & 15 Hz. This frequency range offers the targeted power you need to correct health issues or stimulate cells to boost your overall health and well-being. The ultra-low frequencies are ideal for those who experience insomnia and need therapy in order to train the body to sleep properly at night, and they simply aren’t available from a Bemer mat. What’s more, the Bemer PEMF mat’s high-frequency option can cause discomfort to sensitive individuals.


Biofeedback Sensor on the PEMF Mat

The iMRS Prime PEMF mat comes with a biosensor that offers real-time feedback as you undergo a PEMF therapy session. You’ll be able to see blood volume changes to enable you to adjust the frequency during a therapy session in order to get the best results. The feedback can also help you make smart dietary and exercise decisions in order to build on the progress your body makes during PEMF therapy.


Improved PEMF Brain Therapy Options

Both iMRS Prime and Bemer offer PEMF brain therapy options. Bemer, however, only offers a LED system for pain relief, and the system is not integrated with the PEMF pads used along with the mat. The iMRS Prime PEMF mat, on the other hand, uses red, green and blue LED lights with advanced light and sound technology. It includes goggles for visual stimulation, along with a switch to adjust lighting levels to suit your exact needs. Headphones and an SD card with 45 minutes of music for PEMF therapy help you block out unwanted noises and derive maximum benefits from PEMF therapy sessions. What’s more, the brain therapy attachment is fully synchronized with your mat for optimal results.

Put simply, PEMF therapy with an iMRS Prime mat not only rejuvenates your body but also your mind.


Customized Help and Assistance to Help You Use the PEMF Mat

If you’re new to PEMF therapy, you may be disconcerted to find that the settings that work well for a friend or relative may not be right for you. As we touched on above, various factors will determine the best frequency ranges for you personally. The iMRS Prime Mat comes with a database with over 280 programmed conditions, making it easy for you to select just the right frequencies, even if you are using a PEMF mat for the first time. The Bemer mat, on the other hand, offers standard protocols for everyone, making it difficult for new users to select the ideal frequency option.


Find Your PEMF Mat at iMRS 2000

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