Why Chiropractors are Now Using PEMF to Relieve Back Pain


Trained chiropractors are skilled at relieving back pain with careful spinal manipulations, stretches and other types of care. These methods can be incredibly effective, not only for relieving back pain, but also neck pain, sprains, arthritis pain and even some types of headaches.

However, even the most experienced chiropractors can sometimes have difficulty helping patients get the relief they need. That’s especially true for older or more immobile patients who are unable to do the necessary chiropractic adjustments.

This is where pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) can play a vital role in chiropractic care. PEMF enables patients to alleviate their back pain by aiding the body’s natural healing systems at the cellular level. This can be done comfortably in the practitioner’s office as a supplement to traditional chiropractic treatments or as an alternative.

Let’s look at why chiropractors are increasingly using PEMF to help patients with their back pain and other ailments.


How PEMF works to relieve back pain

PEMF uses low-level electromagnetic energy to stimulate cellular activity in the body. In a typical PEMF session, a patient lies down on a specialized PEMF mat or wears a PEMF headset, which emits pulsating electromagnetic waves. These waves are emitted at different frequencies to target specific ailments, medical objectives or parts of the body, including musculoskeletal, the nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system and so on.

By supporting the body’s healing systems at the cellular level, PEMF effectively targets some of the root causes of back pain, including injuries, inflammation, tissue swelling and nerve damage. PEMF energizes and restores cells, promoting better circulation and oxygenation of blood and tissue, which can further support overall wellness and pain management.

Medical research on PEMF and pain

Several studies have proven PEMF to be an effective modality for relieving back pain and other types of pain. 

In one randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, researchers concluded that PEMF may have “significant analgesic effects” in patients with chronic localized musculoskeletal or inflammatory pain and those with chronic generalized pain from fibromyalgia.

Another study published in the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy concluded, “Adding pulsed electromagnetic field to conventional physical therapy protocol yields superior clinical improvement in pain, functional disability, and lumbar ROM in patients with non-specific low back pain than Conventional physical therapy alone.”

Chiropractors and PEMF: the perfect match

One of the key benefits of chiropractic care is that it is a non-invasive, drug-free practice. PEMF falls under the same category, making it an obvious supplement to conventional chiropractic treatments (and an effective solution for patients who want safe alternatives to prescription painkillers).

For chiropractors, another benefit is that PEMF therapy can be administered in brief sessions, typically under an hour. Patients typically do not need the supervision of a chiropractor while they receive the therapy, allowing chiropractors to see more patients and run their practices more efficiently.

Leading chiropractic clinics across the U.S. already offer numerous other treatments in addition to their traditional chiropractic services, such as cold laser therapy, IV drip therapy and acupuncture, just to name a few. PEMF therapy allows chiropractors to expand their services with another holistic modality that is proven to provide the pain relief that their patients desperately need.

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