iMRS Prime vs. HigherDose PEMF Mat Review

Comparing FDA PEMF mat reviews is always a good idea when you’re purchasing a PEMF machine. High-quality PEMF mats can be a sizable investment, and since not all devices offer the same features or capabilities, it’s important to do some homework before you buy.

FDA PEMF mat reviews are a valuable resource for buyers because they provide independent evaluations of the products. PEMF manufacturers and their distributors will always claim to have the “best” product. So to truly determine what’s best for you, you’ll need to dig a little deeper to uncover the real advantages (and disadvantages). 

Below, we present two FDA PEMF mat reviews to help you compare two popular options: iMRS 2000 (specifically the iMRS Prime, made by Swiss Bionic Solutions) and the HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat.

Before You Compare FDA PEMF Mat Reviews

There are a few things to keep in mind as you evaluate these FDA PEMF mat reviews. 

First, it’s important to remember that PEMF therapy, as a technology, has received several FDA approvals over the last 30 years for specific uses. For example, PEMF devices were first FDA-approved in 1979 for treating bone fractures. Later, PEMF received additional FDA approvals for muscle stimulation, urinary tract problems, anxiety, brain cancer and other ailments. 

Individual PEMF devices on the market can receive their own FDA approvals, separate from the technology itself. So if you are looking for specific information on FDA registrations, you can do so through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Second, while we’ve presented the two FDA PEMF mat reviews below to help you differentiate the two products, it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. The iMRS Prime, sold by iMRS 2000, is widely recognized as a comprehensive, professional PEMF device with capabilities that far outweigh that of the HigherDose mat. But if you’re new to both products, this evaluation should help to illustrate how exactly they compare (and how they differ).


Review #1 – iMRS 2000 (iMRS Prime)


The iMRS Prime is a leading PEMF device made by Swiss Bionic Solutions and distributed through iMRS 2000. (iMRS 2000 also sells the budget-friendly Omnium1 PEMF machine, which is also made by Swiss Bionic.) The iMRS Prime is available in 5 different bundled systems, comprised of varying devices to help individuals experience the full range of benefits from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. This alone is a key feature that separates the iMRS Prime from HigherDose (as well as all other PEMF devices on the market). With Prime, you have the option of choosing packages that include a full-body PEMF mat, Exagon Pad (local/pillow applicator), Exagon Spot applicator and Exagon Brain googles for light/sound stimulation.

The wide variety of devices, in addition to the whole-body PEMF mat, enables you to use the iMRS Prime to target virtually any area of your body and wellness objective. Even with the basic package, the iMRS Prime offers a wider range of electromagnetic frequencies and intensities than the HigherDose mat. Those frequencies are what enable you to achieve a wider range of benefits from PEMF. Fewer frequencies = fewer ways you can use the device. So this is a key area where iMRS Prime comes out on top.


  • A better PEMF mat: Even if you’re only comparing the mats (not the applicators), iMRS Prime wins in this category for several reasons: comfort, portability and a wide range of frequencies and intensities to help you achieve numerous wellness goals.
  • Targeted applicators: Some iMRS Prime bundles come with specialized applicators (Exagon Spot and Exagon Pad) to target specific body areas and ailments. For example, you can attach the Exagon Pad to your knee to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, recover from injuries and/or improve bone strength.
  • Frequencies & intensities: The iMRS Prime offers a wide range of frequencies between .5 – 15 Hz + harmonics, and intensities of .09 uT to 70 uT (Earth Intensity = 33-66 uT). Additionally, Prime uses graduated intensity to provide the optimal balance for your body: stronger at the feet, weaker around the head.
  • Light/sound stimulation: The addition of the Exagon Brain goggles, available with select bundles, takes PEMF therapy to the next level with specialized sound/light stimulation for the brain. Plus, the sound & light frequencies are synchronized with the mat for maximum benefit.
  • Ease of use: This is another benefit that stands out in virtually all FDA PEMF mat reviews of the iMRS Prime: it’s very simple to use, regardless of your experience with PEMF therapy. Prime includes a large 10.2-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD display, which makes it easy to control your PEMF device. Plus, the software includes 7 Fast-Start programs to activate the most common PEMF therapy sessions with the touch of a button.

Room for Improvement

  • High price point for beginners: Those who are new to PEMF may find the entry price to be steep in comparison to other PEMF mats, though in our estimation iMRS Prime offers the best value for the money.
  • Applicators only available with higher-end bundles: The basic bundle includes only the full-body PEMF mat. To experience the benefits of the target applicators, you’ll need to pay for a higher-priced package.

Key Takeaway

The iMRS Prime is superior to the HigherDose PEMF in several ways. Most notably, it maximizes the benefits of PEMF through the use of several devices and a greater range of frequencies and intensities, all controllable with a simple-to-use touchscreen display. 

Review #2 – HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat


The HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat is designed to offer two different technologies to help patients achieve their healing and recovery goals: PEMF and infrared heat. HigherDose has gained recognition in recent years with the endorsement of celebrities including Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid and Bethenny Frankel. However, those who are looking to experience the full benefits of PEMF may be disappointed in the limitations of the device (especially at the high price point of $1,000+).

Notably, the HigherDose PEMF mat offers only 4 frequency settings. This severely limits the healing capabilities and the number of ailments that you can use the mat for. Additionally, the device is completely manual with none of the graduated intensities and automatic frequency variations that make the iMRS Prime so effective. Most of the “recovery” experience that you get from the mat is delivered by the heat, which admittedly feels good on the body but lacks the therapeutic punch of true PEMF therapy. 


  • Healing crystal layer: If you believe in the healing power of crystals, this is a unique feature on the HigherDose PEMF mat. The mat features a layer made of fine crystals (amethyst & tourmaline), which HigherDose says generates negative ions as the mat is heated.
  • Infrared heat: Not unlike a heated blanket or heating pad, the mat warms your body, which can help to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension, independent of the PEMF.
  • Yoga-ready: The mat is promoted much like an exercise mat for doing yoga, meditation and workout warmups. Those activities certainly have their own benefits, though this is an important distinction between HigherDose and higher-quality PEMF mats, which are designed specifically for PEMF therapy. 

Room for Improvement

  • Severely limited PEMF: With only 4 frequency options, the HigherDose PEMF mat is considerably lacking of actual PEMF.
  • Analog controls: Using the manual knobs and buttons on the HigherDose mat feels a bit like using a primitive computer. Admittedly, it’s easy to operate, but the controls and capabilities are extremely limited. 

Key Takeaway

HigherDose wins points for its marketing and celebrity endorsements, but ultimately it does not come close to the wide-ranging benefits offered by medical-grade PEMF devices like the iMRS Prime.

Side-by-Side Comparison: iMRS Prime vs. HigherDose

iMRS Prime


Full-body PEMF Mat


29″ x 73″

Local applicator


Punctual applicator


Brainwave goggles



.5-15 Hz + harmonics – Fully customizable

3Hz – 23 Hz (Only 4 levels)


.09 uT – 70 uT (Earth Intensity = 33-66 uT)


Control panel

10” touchscreen

Analog button/knob device

Biofeedback monitor



✅ (far infrared)*

✅ (0.2-0.8 milligauss)

Negative ion feature


1 to 60 min

1, 8 or 12 hr (Heat timer)

Crystal mat layer

Fast-start programs




iGuide w/ 300+ protocols*



Up to 3 years

1 year

*Available with select packages

Final Thoughts

The iMRS Prime, sold by iMRS 2000, and the HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat are two very different PEMF devices. Those who are new to PEMF may be attracted to HigherDose for its lower price point and celebrity endorsements, but in terms of actual value, there is no comparison: iMRS Prime is hands-down the superior PEMF device, offering a wider range of frequencies, capabilities and wellness benefits. 


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