What are the Top 3 PEMF Therapy Benefits?

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a natural, FDA-approved treatment option that offers a multitude of benefits to healthy and chronically ill people alike. The following are three outstanding PEMF therapy benefits to consider if you are looking for natural treatments for a chronic health condition or simply way to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Keep in mind that identifying the “best” PEMF therapy benefits will ultimately depend on what you aim to get out of your sessions. Each person has their own unique medical concerns and goals. So for example, achieving better sleep might be your favorite benefit, while someone else’s could be pain relief from arthritis.

While we’ve listed 3 of the top PEMF therapy benefits below, there are numerous other advantages to consider when using a PEMF device.


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PEMF Therapy Benefits

1) Pain Management

This tends to be one of the most popular PEMF therapy benefits, and it’s no surprise.

PEMF therapy uses low-frequency electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the cells to heal themselves. It also reduces edema and inflammation in the muscles to address the root cause of the pain. As there are no negative side effects of using a PEMF mat, individuals can get treatment as often as needed or even sleep on the mat. It’s an ideal alternative to painkillers, which can be addictive and/or cause negative side effects in users. In fact, PEMF therapy is so effective in addressing pain that the FDA has approved its use for postoperative pain. It has also been approved as an over-the-counter treatment for musculoskeletal pain.

2) Improved Circulation

Improved circulation is another one of the top PEMF therapy benefits.

Circulatory problems can be caused by obesity, blood clots, varicose veins, diabetes and/or the buildup of plaque in the arteries. It is a common problem that plagues tens of millions of Americans, and it can be a deadly one as well. Circulatory problems can cause stroke, cardiovascular disease, and a host of other health complications. Circulatory problems can also cause pain and cramps that make it difficult to keep up with work, studies and/or family obligations.

One of the most important PEMF therapy benefits is that it improves overall circulation by preventing red blood cells from stacking together, thus enabling blood to flow more freely than would have otherwise been possible and preventing the buildup of blood clots. What’s more, PEMF therapy also increases oxygen flow in the blood to improve energy levels and overall health.

PEMF therapy is versatile. It can be applied to one area of the body that is having circulatory problems (i.e., a hand or leg); alternatively, a PEMF mat can be used to improve overall circulation in the whole body. It’s not a substitute for a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine, but it can offer fast, effective improvement in circulatory levels to prevent problems and provide users with the energy and good health they need to properly care for themselves.

3) Improved Immune System

PEMF therapy has much to offer to anyone, even a person who is relatively fit and healthy. The cellular stimulation helps the body to remove toxins, improving overall organ health and preventing sickness. This also reduces the production of stress hormones, so a person can get enough sleep on a regular basis; additionally, it improves one’s overall quality of sleep. 

Other important PEMF therapy benefits include an improved immune system, improved cognitive function, better cell hydration to help your skin maintain its elasticity and firmness, and improved cellular health. These benefits are readily accessible thanks to the fact that PEMF mats are designed to be portable and come with appendages that can be attached to certain parts of the body for targeted treatment. You can even use a PEMF mat while doing other tasks.

Discover more PEMF therapy benefits

These and other PEMF therapy benefits have been studied and researched. They can change a person’s life for the better by rapidly improving overall health and well-being. 

To benefit from PEMF therapy and all that it has to offer, you can purchase your own PEMF therapy mat for use at home. iMRS 2000 offers some of the best therapy mats on the market, along with a host of training resources and amenities to help you learn how to use your mat in the way that best suits your needs.


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