Compare QRS Therapy Machines

iMRS Prime vs QRS Quantron / QRS 101 OR
Pure Wave (same device rebranded) Sold by a different distributors in the US.

FTC Disclaimer – is an independent distributor for Swiss Bionic Solutions Schweiz GmbH makers of the iMRS Systems. Furthermore, we are not endorsed, sponsored or associated with QRS International AG, QRS Direct Or Pure Wave. Please Note* Available pricing may not be up to date because of constant changes in the market, logistic and manufacturing hardships with current world economy. 

QRS 101

Pure Wave

Applicators branding and colors is the only difference we can see.

QRS (Quantron Resonance System) Review or (Pure Wave)

Features* iMRS QRS Quantron/QRS 101
#1 - Earth Frequenies yes no
#2 - Biorhythm Clock yes no
#3 - Higher Intensity Pain yes no
#4 - Sensitive Setting yes yes
#5 - Graduated Intensity yes no
#6 - Pure Pulsating Fields yes no
#7 - Sawtooth Wave yes yes
#8 - Proven Square Wave yes no
#9 - Switch Polarity yes yes
#10 - Light and Sound Option yes yes
#11 - Biofeedback yes no
#12 - Digital/Easy Upgrade yes yes
#13 - Database Protocols yes no
#14 - FDA Registered yes no
#15 - Company Progressive yes no
#16 - Good Value yes yes
#17 - 3 year Warranty yes yes
#18 - Mat Comfortable? yes no
#19 - Excellent Training /Support yes - Best in Industry yes
Warranty 3 years Standard (w/ Extended to 5 Years) 3 Years
Applicators Whole Body Mat, Pillow Pad, Probe Whole body mattress pad and smaller pillow pad
Accessories iSLRS (LED Light & Sound), iMORE (HRV Biofeedback), iGUIDE+ more Pen Applicator + More
Intensities .09 - 70 uT / up to 300 uT Probe .3-30 uT (up to 40 uT on Pillow, up to 15 uT on Pen)
Frequency 4 Settings Based on Biorhythms (.5 Hz / 3 Hz / 5.5 Hz / 15 Hz) .3-1000Hz
Waveform Sawtooth Mat/ Squarewave Pillow & Spot Sawtooth
Cost Basic System Starts @ $4827 Starts @ $5000
FDA Registered? yes no
Manufactured Germany Germany

The main advantages of the iMRS over the QRS Quantron: 

iMRS Copper Coils

QRS Copper Wire with Plastic Tubing

Current iMRS Prime Exagon Applicators Copper Coils in Display

Exagon Body Mat Copper Coils Feet Section
Exagon Spot Copper Coil 1 Section
Exagon Pad Copper Coil 1 Side

*Download the Free Buyers Guide for more details on the the 19 Features to compare. The buyers guide provides a full explanation on each of these features and why they are important.