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iMRS vs Medithera

Features* iMRS Medithera
#1 - Earth Frequenies yes no
#2 - Biorhythm Clock yes no
#3 - Higher Intensity Pain yes no
#4 - Sensitive Setting yes no
#5 - Graduated Intensity yes no
#6 - Pure Pulsating Fields yes no
#7 - Sawtooth Wave yes yes
#8 - Proven Square Wave yes no
#9 - Switch Polarity yes yes
#10 - Light and Sound Option yes no
#11 - Biofeedback yes no
#12 - Digital/Easy Upgrade yes no
#13 - Database Protocols yes yes
#14 - FDA Registered yes yes
#15 - Company Progressive yes no
#16 - Good Value yes yes
#17 - 3 year Warranty yes yes
#18 - Mat Comfortable? yes no
#19 - Excellent Training /Support yes - Best in Industry yes
Warranty 3 years Standard (w/ Extended to 5 Years) 3 Years
Applicators Whole Body Mat, Pillow Pad, Probe Whole body mattress pad and smaller pillow pad
Accessories iSLRS (LED Light & Sound), iMORE (HRV Biofeedback), iGUIDE+ more Pen Applicator
Intensities .09 - 70 uT / up to 300 uT Probe .75-75 uT Full Body Mat (up to 70uT on pillow/30 uT on pen)
Frequency 4 Settings Based on Biorhythms (.5 Hz / 3 Hz / 5.5 Hz / 15 Hz) .3 - 250 Hz
Waveform Sawtooth Mat/ Squarewave Pillow & Spot Sawtooth
Cost Basic System Starts @ $4827 Starts @ $2495
FDA Registered? yes yes
Manufactured Germany Germany

*Download the Free Buyers Guide for more details on the the 19 Features to compare. The buyers guide provides a full explanation on each of these features and why they are important.

Medithera Review - Medithera Does NOT Use Earth Frequencies (Read On).

The Medithera claims to use natural frequencies, but the specs state that every setting goes up to and includes 250 Hz. That is way higher than the earth’s natural range (roughly 0-30 Hz). 250 Hz is NOT natural and its certainly not in tune with the 0-30 Hz range of the brain states from Delta to high Beta (0-30hz).

Here are the main advantages of the iMRS 2000 over the Medithera:

The Hidden Truth Medithera Does NOT want you to know

If you peel away the cover of the medithera, you made be a little shocked to find plastic tubing in an oval geometry surround both the pillow and full body mat. There are four big problems with this type of configurations: the spacing between coils, the wrong geometry, too much field in the middle of the body, and overall you do not get a PURE magnetic field.

An important point from Physics 101 is that a pure magnetic field using an electrical current can only be created from a circular current loop. The Medithera uses oval current loops surrounded by plastic tubing (see image to the left). Not only is this the wrong geometry to create a pure pulsating magnetic field, it also has spacing between consecutive turns which allows the magnetic field lines to be further distorted. Circular loops with multiple turns need to be tightly wound with no spacing to yield the cleanest and purest pulsating magnetic field possible (example below of pure copper, tightly wound circular coils).

Also, it is pertinent to note that the NASA design for stem cell growth uses pure copper circular coils that are tightly wound, as does the NASA prototype for a PEMF installed spacesuit (Inside of iMRS full body mat pictured below with ideal pure copper coil and graduated intensity configurations).

The reason Medithera uses this plastic tubing, wrong geometry and unfortunate spacing between coils is that it makes the make easy to roll up and more flexible. Unfortunately the convenience is a hefty price to pay for getting the best therapy.

Contrast this to the coils inside the iMRS below and a few other quality systems on the market, which are perfectly created to yield a pure magnetic field. And there is one additional bonus. You’ll see the graduated intensity from head to feet such that the head gets the lowest intensity (which is ideal because the head and neck/thyroid are the most sensitive). Also you get SIX separate peaks in intensity versus only one in the Medithera in the middle of the body (which is BAD for people who are sensitive because of all the nerve endings in the stomach/solar plexus and thorasic area). After the brain and spinal cord, these are the two areas in the body with the most nerve endings.

The medithera gives you the same intensity all over, with only one peak in the sensitive middle part of the body, which limits the intensity level you can use.

iMRS and a Few Other Quality PEMF devices on the Market Use Pure Copper, Tightly Wound Coils for a Pure Magnetic Field (Best Option)

iMRS and a Few Other Quality PEMF devices on the Market Use Pure Copper, Tightly Wound Coils for a Pure Magnetic Field (Best Option)

Medithera only Allows TWO applicators to be plugged in at a time - If you have the Pen/Probe, you need to unplug one and plug in the other.

Problems with HIGH Frequency in Medithera - All the Settings use Higher 250Hz , 500 Hz Frequencies - Check out the Guidelines of the ICNIRP below!

The ICNIRP (INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON NON‐IONIZING RADIATION PROTECTION) is a world-wide authority on safety related to electromagnetic energy. The EU and FDA both rely on their findings. According to the ICNIRP, the limiting values for safety of time varying PEMF are dependent on both the frequency (usually measureed in Hz) and the flux density (or Intensity – measured in microtesla).

The higher the applied frequency the lower the limit value for intensity that is safe. This means, if you apply a very low frequency (like the earth fre- quency range 1-25 Hz) you are allowed to apply higher intensities.

Critical Point:

The limited value according to the ICNIRP for low frequency, time varying PEMF in the range from 0 till 25 HZ is 5000 microTesla
If the Frequency is OVER 25 Hz, the limit value for safety is ONLY 5 micro Tesla!
It means, that the ICNIRP assumes, that time varying PEMF over 25 HZ with a higher intensity than 5 micro Telsa can create damage!

(Note: the Earth’s NATURAL magnetic field is roughly 30- 70 microtesla and the Natural frequencies are roughly 0-25 Hz).

Some devices on the market LIKE THE MEDITHERA have intensities that are way too high. And most PEMF devices uses frequencies that are WAY above 25 Hz. Don’t be fooled by companies that tell you that you need a stronger intensity to get results. The key is frequency resonance, not intensity. So look for a device that uses frequencies and intensities close to what the earth provides. The PRIME is the ONLY whole body mat PEMF device that meets these requirements (because it uses frequencies and intensities that are in alignment with the earth).

The iMRS also has FIR (Far Infrared), Brain (Color Light and Sound System) and Easy to use Sense (Biofeedback & SPO2)