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Earthing Pads & Products Review

After reading Clint Ober’s book on Earthing, I decided to really try out the earthing technology and concept so I basically bought every earthing product available including: Earthing sheets for my bed including an earthing pillow, earthing pads under my desk, earthing/grounding shoes, earthing patches, and an earthing cocoon/bag for recovery. And I made sure to stake a grounding rod outside my window because I didn’t trust plugging into the power grid. 

The first night I slept in the sheets and pillowcase, I noticed an uncomfortable feeling and irritation to the point I could not even sleep. Finally after an hour of tossing and turning, I finally removed the sheets and replaced my old sheets. After talking to dozens of people who have earthing products, I have found that roughly HALF the people that use it, experience discomfort and irritation like I did.
I really enjoyed the book Earthing and actually recommend others read it but more for the barefoot connection on the earth than the earthing products.

In theory I DO think it is a good idea to walk barefoot more and get grounded. But I discovered there is A PROBLEM to using earthing products discovered by experts on harmful EMFs and electrosmog that confirms my experience (check out the link below – and there are several others like it online).

It’s really simple… The earth is a conductor and electric currents (both good and bad) circulate. The good currents are the natural “telluric” or earth currents from ground. The BAD are the harmful emfs that result from high voltage power lines, especially the ones buried underground. Also cell phone towers, radio transmitting stations, and many other dangerous electrical currents resulting from the modern world of technology we live in.

If you place your stake in an area with unhealthy currents, than that is what you will get. There is a lot to say about grounding, but you need to know it can potentially cause more harm than good. This is why PEMF therapy is a much better choice, plus PEMF is active (not passive) and gives you a healthy and measurable pulsed magnetic field.

Here are 3 reasons Why PEMF Therapy is a much better choice than Earthing Products:

Reason #1- Earthing is passive, earth based PEMF devices like the iMRS actively gives you earth frequencies in a much more pure and concentrated dosage. There is no measurable energy coming out of the earthing pad, it is simply a ground. There are several excellent magnetic field detector apps on iPhone and Android that will measure and graph a PEMF signal. Nothing comes out of earthing pads which you can prove for yourself.

Reason #2 – The earth is a conductor and unfortunately conducts negative emfs or electrosmog from powerlines, etc (more and more powerlines are getting buried underground). When you ground yourself to an area with negative energy in the ground the result is irritation (which is my experience and also about half the people I have talked to about grounding/earthing pads).

NOTE: if you are out in the middle of the forest camping away from modern society, ok, but even then its passive and nowhere near as powerful and effective as an earth based PEMF device like the iMRS.

Reason #3 – Most earthing products you Plug into your outlet?? That’s crazy, because very subtly you plug into the toxic 60 Hz power grid frequency. You must only use a stake outside the window, which is inconvenient AND as we mentioned in Reason #2, even if you do that you still may be plugging into harmful ground currents. And again earthing at best is simply a ground, its NOT PEMF Therapy.

Earth based PEMF devices like the iMRS with full body mat applicators are a better choice because you are ACTIVELY getting a concentrated dose of healthy and rejuvenating earth based frequencies AND also the NASA proven squarewave for healing and regeneration.

Laying on the iMRS mat for 8 minutes is like walking barefoot in Nature for an hour. Also check out Chapter 7 in the book – “PEMF, The 5th Element of Health” on the dangers of harmful EMFs.

NOTE: I DO recommend getting out into Nature away from the city or going to the beach and walking barefoot at least 30 minutes a day if possible. Also swimming in the ocean or lakes has a grounding effect.