Can PEMF Help You Lose Weight

Can PEMF Help You Lose Weight?

Because of the numerous benefits of using a PEMF machine, one of the most common questions we get is, “Can PEMF help with weight loss?”

Researchers are still studying the correlation between pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and weight loss. Recent studies have worked to understand how PEMF therapy can help patients with weight management challenges, particularly for those with certain conditions, like diabetes. Additionally, researchers for Mayo Clinic are currently studying the potential clinical uses of PEMF for those who are “overweight, low fitness, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and borderline high blood glucose.”

As with most clinical studies, the objective of this research isn’t to merely answer the question “Can PEMF help with weight loss?” Instead, researchers are working to determine how can PEMF help with weight loss in specific, quantifiable ways. The aim is to identify how cellular stimulation and restoration play a role in weight loss, and why.

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Can PEMF Help with Weight Loss? Here's What We Know

Some refer to PEMF as a “cellular exercise,” because of the way it stimulates cellular activity and microcirculation. We know that this stimulation has a powerful effect on damaged and dysfunctional cells. With PEMF devices, you can apply a mild electromagnetic current to the body on a cellular level, which in turn bolsters the body’s natural healing processes.

Restoring cells can bring a host of health benefits, including increasing your energy levels, improving metabolism, increasing physical performance and delivering stronger recovery after physical performance (by reducing inflammation and pain).

Outside of PEMF, we know that these outcomes are typically correlated with weight loss, often in direct ways. Better metabolism, for example, helps the body turn food into energy, an important process that influences weight gain and loss. When the body isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to, weight loss becomes far more challenging – and that’s where PEMF comes into the picture.

By improving cellular health and giving your body what it needs to process energy and improve circulation, can PEMF help with weight loss? That’s what researchers are working to understand.

PEMF and Metabolism

Let’s return for a moment to the link between PEMF and metabolism, though that is just one of several avenues for investigating the impact of electromagnetic fields on weight loss.

Another clinical study, published in 2020, focused on how “magnetic fields modulate metabolism and gut microbiome” by studying mice divided into four groups: (a) no intervention; (b) PEMF; (c) exercise; (d) exercise and PEMF.

The results were promising for both of the groups that received PEMF. Researchers concluded that “short-term PEMF treatment was sufficient to instigate PGC-1α-associated transcriptional cascades governing systemic mitohormetic adaptations, whereas longer-term PEMF treatment was capable of inducing related metabolic adaptations independently of exercise.”

In simpler terms, the study reveals that PEMF could play an important role in weight loss as both a standalone protocol and as a supplement to other wellness activities such as exercise.

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